How do you start your homeschool? Well, you’ve already made a huge step by doing your research, and reading this article. There are many things you will need to consider before initiating your homeschool, but first, breathe!

While peering into the world of homeschooling you may quickly get overwhelmed. Honestly, just breathe. I am here to share the secret with you! There is NO right or wrong way to homeschool. You being present for your child is the number one most beneficial thing you can do. Not because you have a degree in teaching, not because you have all of the answers, not even because you are the cool Mom or the one doing all of the arts and crafts. Just being with your child, and wanting to look out for their best interest is all you need to start.

You know your child better than anyone else. You know what makes them happy, what makes them sad, how to help them push past their fears, and will be their biggest cheerleader for them when they succeed.

These are some of the homeschooling books I read before we got started

Now, when I first started our homeschool journey, I read dozens of “How To” homeschool books. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, how to do it “correctly” or what the next steps would be. Does this sound familiar?

I would first start by figuring out your ‘Why’. Why are you wanting to homeschool? It is because you want to spend all of your time with your child? Or because you do not agree with the current education they are receiving in public or private school? It is because you have a child you feel like you can help educate better due to their needs? Whatever your reason is, that is your WHY! Remember this, because there will be times when you feel like you are questioning your decision to homeschool. Lean into your why and it will always ground you.

This is me and the girls during our first year of homeschool

Next, you will need to know your state’s laws on homeschooling. A great resource may be . This website has a lot of information with each state’s laws that must be followed by your homeschool.

For instance, your homeschool may be required to keep daily attendance, or a complete record of all subjects covered. Some states only require once you begin your homeschool, to have your student evaluated each year by examination or by a certified teacher. Some states require specific subjects to be taught, and for certain ages. You will want to know what your state requires, so you can be prepared of what it expected by law.

From HSLDA website – Homeschool Regulations by State

Ok, so now you know your ‘why’. You know what is required by your state. What do you do next? Well, after you have those put together, you will want to decide HOW you want to execute your homeschool.

Do you want to do homeschool online as an umbrella school? Do you want to use a pre-made all in one curriculum? Do you need resources to supplement with these? Do you want to make up your own curriculum? Do you want to use no curriculum whatsoever? These are all ways to do homeschool.

The wonderful part about homeschooling is all of the choices you have to make it right for your child and your family. You can personalize everything you do to make sure it fits best, and if you notice it isn’t working, you can always change it!

Reevaluating your homeschool on a regular basis is a good way to make sure you, your child, and your family unit are all enjoying the experience. If you are, GREAT! Just keep it up, and if not, go back to your WHY. It will always lead you to the right decision.

We make all of our homeschooling decisions as a family unit, including where to go on field trips

I will dive deeper into more homeschooling topics to help you get started, and continue your homeschool journey successfully.

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